The Fronk Show is a 1996 Show on Ztv.

Main CharactersEdit



Fronk Main Also:Fronk


Red Fronk

Red Fronk Main Also:Red Fronk

WWIMM SoleMan-1

Blue Fronk

Blue Fronk Main Also:Blue Fronk

Dirty Darts


Mona Main Also:Mona

Green fronk

Green Fronk

Green Fronk Main Also:Green Fronk
Benson character


Benson Main Also:Benson

Minor CharactersEdit

Chun-Li is a Female from Street Figther.

Jaycee is a Female with Brown hair and a Pink Dress with Pink glasses.

Dave is a Female Gumball Machine of Benson's Girlfriend.

Ana is a Female of Benson's Minor GirlFriend.

9-Volt is a Male of Fronk's Pet.

18-Volt is a Male of 9-Volt's Friend.

5-Volt is a Female of 9-Volt's Mother

Jamie T is a Female of Mona's Friend. She has Dark Purple hair and Glasses and 2 PonyTails.

Lee Chaolan is a Human Male of Blue Fronk's Minor Friend.

Kat is a Female of Ana's Sister.

Broque Monsieur is a Block Man of Fronk's Father.

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